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Put away your dice, pencils and paper and simply slide the single dial slider to set the MindLathe and press the button to spin the wheel of creation and sculpt a new persona with a range of qualities and responses ready for your games and fiction--only with MindLathe from Egsa Press!

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Final Part - If you win...How do we contact you?

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The Egsa Cosplay 360 - 2018 contest is here! The rules are simple: For 2018, cosplay your favorite character from Yak and the Getzaks or Loaded! in your photo and win an Egsa Gear Bundle including a Getzaks: Kickback Plus +1, a copy of The Armchair Historians Guide and 25 Point Gift Certificate.

Open to US Residents Only. Contest Ends Dec. 31, 2018! Ume can't wait to see your entries!

View the full contest rules here!
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