Get Your Gear with Unobtanium

Old Code Gamers and Legendary Grognards on the far frontier of gaming can now get their gear from the Egsa Outfitters with one of the rarest coins of all, Unobtanium! For a limited time, users of the crypto coin will be able to trade the shopkeeps with the original rare cryptocurrency. Grab your coins and gear up.

Hall of Heroes Gets an Update

The SoftWorks’ venerable Hall of Heroes forum is again open for travelers from across the world of gaming! Egsa’s Hall of Heroes allows gamers to give feedback on games from the SoftWorks and Egsa Press. The update features a new streamlined system of forums. Headlining for the second half of the year is a mysterious figure from one of our current game worlds.

X51 Liftoff at VGS 2014

X-51 Aggressor with Concept

Gamers at yesterday’s

Video Game Summit 2014 were able to take control of the top secret X-51 prototype. The X-51/A platform rocketed into the history books carrying R&D2 amazing new puzzler proof of concept; Loaded! The new platform faced turbulent summer weather head on, turning the part of the show floor into a true old code arcade!

The X-51/A platform has been nicknamed the “Aggressor” with its angular lines and decidedly retro feel however, what is under the hood is anything, but retro. Starting with the AMD based mainboard, the finely tuned design has been engineered to deliver the full bodied arcade experience. Look for more information on the X51 in the Prospector!

Update: VGS 2014 Welcome Agave

agave from loaded

For games at Video Game Summit 2014 gamers from across the nation and those at home R&D 2 is proud to reveal the latest addition to the game worlds of the Works and the first from R&D 2! Welcome Agave–star of the proof of concept of an all new puzzler on display on the show floor today! Agave’s story unfolds in the world of Loaded! How and why she came to the Ruined City will be discovered as her journey begins.