X-1536 Pandora

New Game World Opens

The top secret “Pandora” is now ShatterCaster. The all new game world is the product of the first ever team up of Egsa Press and Egsa SoftWorks. Unveiled Friday the 13th, the new game world marks the first all new game world since Circuit Breaker and the start of a what promises to be a bold new period of gaming revolution!

Mission Pandora Unveiled

On this Friday 13th the shroud falls on one of mysterious project’s in gaming: Mission Pandora! Confirmed in the The Prospector, X-1536 is the super secret first team up between Egsa Press and the ‘Works! This new game world explodes everything you know about the Old Code Gamers because for the first time ever the ‘Works storms the tabletop with ShatterCaster: New Kingdom.. Buckle up game fans, 2012 is about to change EVERYTHING.