X-1536 Pandora

Press gives order to ‘Saga’

Fresh from the unveiling of Project Pandora and the first ever project between Egsa SoftWorks and Egsa Press, the greenlight has been issued for two follow up episodes of Nomicon Saga set amid the bold new game world. The flash fiction series saw a dramatic sneak preview of the pilot (“A Hunter’s Moon”) in the The Prospector. More on the series is available at the new ShatterCaster: New Kingdom site.

Press is coming to Kindle

That’s right old code gaming fans, Egsa Press will be making its first steps on a new mobile platform since Palm–Press is gearing up to bring you content on Amazon Kindle. The first offering will be ShatterCaster: New Kingdom’s Book of Ascension. The mobile ready e-Book translation of the Book of Ascension is designed to quickly get gamers up to speed on the rules the game and ready to do battle. The Book of Ascension is scheduled to release in November on Amazon Kindle.

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Break Another Heart Event

This Valentine’s Day its time to change the game! Hearts will be broken with the Break Another Heart launch event for ShatterCaster: New Kingdom from Egsa Press. This Feb 14th join us, reach out and shatter a friend or foe in the new tabletop game. There is only one original game of Strategy + Sorcery and its only from Egsa!
Break Another Heart

‘Saga’ inches closer to series

Nomicon Saga from Egsa Press is inching closer to becoming a full fledged series with the release of the Nomicon Saga Series Bible. The flash fiction series first unveiled in The Prospector is set in the rapidly expanding gaming world of ShatterCaster. The series bible outlines the characters, locations and tales in the cannon.