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Egsa R&D2 Announces Loaded!

R&D2 Logo

At Night of Fire 2012, R&D2 threw down the gauntlet with the annoucement of a new game for 2013. Now, the day has come to reveal that title! Today, R&D2 is revealing an all new game that will becoming to game screens in 2014. Loaded! will feature a stunning set of firsts from the last gamers of the old code. Among those firsts is that Loaded! will be the first game on the planet to use WSTR-1! The exciting new WSTR-1 standard outlined in the Armchair Historian’s Guide to World Standings will usher in a new level of competitive indie play. Look for much more info on Loaded! in upcoming issues of The Prospector and here on EI.egsa_loaded_titlecard

MindLathe Arrives


At 23:23 cheers could be heard as graphics for Egsa’s MindLathe went live at the Egsa Imagebank. MindLathe is the first release from recently revealed Quantum Mission and the third title for the red hot Team Ascendant. MindLathe is an exciting new app that allows gamers to create brand new “minds” for games, role-playing and fiction. With only a single button, gamers can roll all the stats for a Quantum Character and export their new character.

MindLathe is the first title on the globe to be an officially licensed QuantumSet Game Accessory and premieres on the massively powerful, Windows Phone 8.

The Game is About to Change

egsa_quantumset_roleplay_redefined_ poster

Get ready game fans, the game is about to change. The last gamers of the old code and the legendary grognards are teaming up once again to bring gamers an exciting new spin on the Role Playing Game (RPG)! Get ready for Egsa QuantumSet–a new re-usable roleplaying game system. Many gamers are already familiar with the QuantumSet from the NomiconSaga Series Bible where Quantum (the predecessor to the QuantumSet) was used to give a supplemental description of the series characters.

Now, the new QuantumSet will provide a modular, flexible and powerful framework for gamers, writers and even pen-and-paper game masters (GM). Egsa’s Quantum has been rebuilt from the ground up to form the new QuantumSet System. The system will part of a set of licensable technologies to help others bring new games, RPGs and fiction to the world.

Video Game Summit 2013

Video Game Summit

Another great year of Video Game Summit is now in the history books. The exciting festival of games sponsored by AVC Online included a wide variety of classic games, homebrew and indie games. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! The last gamers of the old code showed off screenshots from two exciting new titles and gave out news about existing platforms and game worlds. Look for updates shortly.