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X51 Liftoff at VGS 2014

X-51 Aggressor with Concept

Gamers at yesterday’s

Video Game Summit 2014 were able to take control of the top secret X-51 prototype. The X-51/A platform rocketed into the history books carrying R&D2 amazing new puzzler proof of concept; Loaded! The new platform faced turbulent summer weather head on, turning the part of the show floor into a true old code arcade!

The X-51/A platform has been nicknamed the “Aggressor” with its angular lines and decidedly retro feel however, what is under the hood is anything, but retro. Starting with the AMD based mainboard, the finely tuned design has been engineered to deliver the full bodied arcade experience. Look for more information on the X51 in the Prospector!

Prepare to Make History at VGS 2014


WorldStandings (WSN) will be announcing its first ever standings event at Video Game Summit 2014! Featuring the first new game from R&D2, the WorldStadings Rise of Heroes standings event will kickoff an epic quest to find out who has got what it takes to set a world record on a brand new puzzler gamers will get to see for the very first time on show floor at Video Game Summit 2014. The Rise of Heroes standings event will allow gamers to compete on the stunning, recently declassified X-51/A after the play-through on Saturday. During the play-through, gamers will be able to test the game mechanics, controls in true old code fashion and set an unofficial baseline to see what it will take to set a record under the WSTR-1 settings. Come up, grab a copy of WSN Versus and get ready to make history!
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Mission Aria Takes Shape

Exciting new missions are taking flight at the Works at a record pace in 2014. With the launch of WSN Versus at the start of May, now we can reveal the massive new efforts that are very likely to be heading your way in time for Night of Fire and summer’s Video Game Summit!


Next on deck is the newly de-classified “Mission: Aria.” Aria is one of a handful of legendary codenames at the SoftWorks with extremely deep roots. As Old Code Gamers know, the “X” designation following the codename and the official release of the flight insignia means that the project has moved to experimental status in preparation for launch. While the details of “Mission: Aria” cannot be fully disclosed, it can be said that gamers can expect to get a first look in the May issue of the Prospector as well as breaking updates right here!

Video Game Summit is Back


Egsa SoftWorks will return to Chicago’s premiere video game show, Video Game Summit. Now celebrating its ninth year, Video Game Summit brings together classic and modern generation gamers from all over the country to swap stories, games and to compete in sanctioned tournaments and raffles.

Sponsored by AVC Online, the event is open to the public and people of all ages with an interest in video games or computers are encouraged to attend. Tickets and information is available at