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ShatterCaster: DoomSayer Is Coming to Surface

2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year at Egsa SoftWorks. Ten days into the new year the Last Gamers of the Old Code are preparing to bring you the first ever expansion to the ShatterCaster game universe with ShatterCaster: DoomSayer. ShatterCaster: DoomSayer will add all new play mode to the original game of sorcery and strategy, but it will do in a way that only the SoftWorks can. Get ready for ShatterCaster: New Kingdom on the most powerful tablet in the world, the Microsoft Surface (and Windows RT).

ShatterCaster: Book of Ascension e-book Now Available

It’s here! The official rules for playing the underground sensation, ShatterCaster: New kingdom, are now available on your Amazon Kindle e-reader. The digital edition of the Scherrod Translation retails for only $2.99 on Amazon.
ShatterCaster: Book of Ascension

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Nomicon Saga Takes Center Stage for Halloween

For the first time ever, Egsa Press takes gamers beyond the table top! Gamers get ready for Nomicon Saga–the all new book from Egsa Press. Nomicon Saga (ISBN: 978-0-9884167-5-8) transports readers into a different world, “a world most eyes cannot see, a place of shadows with substance, always lurking just beyond the day.” Nomicon Saga Anthology One is the first collection of tales from the horror/action adventure series. The first volume is filled with eleven short works set in the expanded universe created by the game ShatterCaster: New Kingdom. The series follows a band of friends and foes linked by the mysterious and ancient box—a box that if found will change the life of the finder and open the door to a greater game.

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Egsa TV opens the Dark Dojo

Video game fans got an early summer surprise today when Egsa TV kicked off its line-up with the premiere of the Dark Dojo Pilot. The original series will cover the bold new world of ShatterCaster: New Kingdom.