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An All Hallows Eve Event! Arra Returns in Mysteries of the Wicked

Arra from ShatterCaster
All Hallows Eve kicks off with a crossover event from Egsa Press and Egsa SoftWorks! Arra and Agave team up for new announcements that alter the course of two game worlds. First, Arra joins the world of ShatterCaster in the expansion Triskaidekanomicon Mysteries of the Wicked! The expansion will be available exclusively for a unique period; beginning at one minute after midnight on the morning of 10/31 until one minute before midnight on 11/13 gamers will be to pre-order Mysteries of the Wicked. Once the sunrise period ends, gamers will no longer be able to get this deck separately for an unknown period of time–possibly forever! You can snag Mysteries of the Wicked at the Outfitters.

ShatterCaster: DoomSayer Scores An Editors Pick

ShatterCaster: DoomSayer has scored an Editor’s Pick from Best Windows 8 Apps. ShatterCaster: DoomSayer is the world’s first battle accessory for the original game of strategy and sorcery: ShatterCaster. The app features dramatic effects to put you in the heat of battle and all of the IOSC approved timings. ShatterCaster: DoomSayer is available on Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone for battles on the go!

Anthem Day Launch Surprise

shattercaster doomasyer windows phone tilesThis year’s Egsa Anthem Day started off with a surprise–an all new title from Egsa SoftWorks R&D1 Team Ascendant! For a long time, the Gamers of the Old Code have talked about a new, next generation mobile platform. Since the launch of Circuit Breaker, mobile has been one of the many important destinations for SoftWorks R&D. Now, the Last Gamers of the Old Code are again on mobile with the launch of DoomSayer Mobile for Windows Phone 8! This launch is the second release for R&D 1 in 2013! DoomSayer Mobile is an enhanced version of the amazing ShatterCaster: DoomSayer module, featuring voice command, sound control and an optimized set of skins for Windows Phone. It is available at the Windows Phone Store.

ShatterCaster:DoomSayer Now on Surface and Windows 8

shattercaster_doomsayer chooseIt’s here! The first expansion module for the planet’s first Genetic Deck Game. Introducing ShatterCaster:DoomSayer for Surface and Microsoft Windows 8. ShatterCaster:DoomSayer brings as a virtual BattleMaster to your matches. Fire it up, choose your faction and the DoomSayer will monitor your time and announce your match. It’s an entirely new way to play ShatterCaster and it’s only from Egsa SoftWorks! ShatterCaster DoomSayer is in the Windows Store.