Loaded! Revealed at Winter Demo Day 2013

Game developers got the first ever glimpse of R&D2’s top secret project on Saturday December 14th. Unveiled at CEGD Winter Demo Day, the world of Loaded! and in game play were on display. Old Code Gamers will get their first chance to enter the world of Loaded! in the November/Decemebr issue of the Prospector (available free at outlets including the Egsa Outfitters). Gamers will get a playable version is slated for mid 2014.

Egsa R&D2 Announces Loaded!

R&D2 Logo

At Night of Fire 2012, R&D2 threw down the gauntlet with the annoucement of a new game for 2013. Now, the day has come to reveal that title! Today, R&D2 is revealing an all new game that will becoming to game screens in 2014. Loaded! will feature a stunning set of firsts from the last gamers of the old code. Among those firsts is that Loaded! will be the first game on the planet to use WSTR-1! The exciting new WSTR-1 standard outlined in the Armchair Historian’s Guide to World Standings will usher in a new level of competitive indie play. Look for much more info on Loaded! in upcoming issues of The Prospector and here on EI.egsa_loaded_titlecard

Mission Corona

The reveal of Mission Deukalion was not the only big reveal at Night of Fire 2012. R&D2 changed the game with announcement of a brand new game world. While the name of the game has not yet been disclosed, the mission code name: Corona. Little has been revealed about Mission Corona, but it is expected to be as red hot as the corona of the sun. It is a mission moniker that stretches far into the history of the Last Gamers of the Old Code. Stay tuned for details as the become available.