New World Record Set

new record
Gamers turned for the Chicago gaming tradition of Video Game Summit presented by AVC Online! The premiere Chicago gaming event on July 11, 2015 saw Rise of Heroes II where a new World Record was set for Loaded! One Hundred Truths! The WSN world record was officially certified July 13, 2015. Egsa R&D 2 extends a special thanks to all gamers who took on the challenge and a special congratulations to REL who became the world champion with a score of 1,316 points in the game’s WSTR-1 mode.

An All Hallows Eve Event! Agave Loaded Launch Date

Agave at Dusk
The All Hallows Eve crossover event continues with the launch date for Loaded! One Hundred Truths! Gamers can expect to see the arcade sensation on its tentative launch date of 7/23! A limited edition boxed version of Loaded! One Hundred Truths! with full color manual will be available for pre order at the Outfitters.
Loaded! One Hundred Truths!

Update: VGS 2014 Welcome Agave

agave from loaded

For games at Video Game Summit 2014 gamers from across the nation and those at home R&D 2 is proud to reveal the latest addition to the game worlds of the Works and the first from R&D 2! Welcome Agave–star of the proof of concept of an all new puzzler on display on the show floor today! Agave’s story unfolds in the world of Loaded! How and why she came to the Ruined City will be discovered as her journey begins.

Prepare to Make History at VGS 2014


WorldStandings (WSN) will be announcing its first ever standings event at Video Game Summit 2014! Featuring the first new game from R&D2, the WorldStadings Rise of Heroes standings event will kickoff an epic quest to find out who has got what it takes to set a world record on a brand new puzzler gamers will get to see for the very first time on show floor at Video Game Summit 2014. The Rise of Heroes standings event will allow gamers to compete on the stunning, recently declassified X-51/A after the play-through on Saturday. During the play-through, gamers will be able to test the game mechanics, controls in true old code fashion and set an unofficial baseline to see what it will take to set a record under the WSTR-1 settings. Come up, grab a copy of WSN Versus and get ready to make history!
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