Egsa TV

The Theatre of the Minds Eye Opens for Halloween’s all new web series–The Theatre of the Mind’s Eye opens in time to add spooky thrills to your Halloween season this year. The radio drama style web series features dramatizations of short works from the gaming inspired realms of horror, science fiction and suspense. The series pilot features a dramatization of the short work Eleven, Eleven from the world of Nomicon Saga. The first part of five part mini-series is available on

Night of Fire 2012 – FireStarter

Egsa Night of Fire 2012 is now part of history but there are great things in store for old code gamers and legendary grognards. Among the highlight For game fans was the reveal of X-1450 Deukalion.

Egsa TV opens the Dark Dojo

Video game fans got an early summer surprise today when Egsa TV kicked off its line-up with the premiere of the Dark Dojo Pilot. The original series will cover the bold new world of ShatterCaster: New Kingdom.