Anthem Day Launch Surprise

shattercaster doomasyer windows phone tilesThis year’s Egsa Anthem Day started off with a surprise–an all new title from Egsa SoftWorks R&D1 Team Ascendant! For a long time, the Gamers of the Old Code have talked about a new, next generation mobile platform. Since the launch of Circuit Breaker, mobile has been one of the many important destinations for SoftWorks R&D. Now, the Last Gamers of the Old Code are again on mobile with the launch of DoomSayer Mobile for Windows Phone 8! This launch is the second release for R&D 1 in 2013! DoomSayer Mobile is an enhanced version of the amazing ShatterCaster: DoomSayer module, featuring voice command, sound control and an optimized set of skins for Windows Phone. It is available at the Windows Phone Store.

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