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Tools of the Trade

ShatterCaster: DoomSayer is a time control expansion for ShatterCaster: New Kingdom. ShatterCaster: DoomSayer offers the only IOSC sanctioned time control and is available for the leading computing platforms; Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.
ShatterCaster DoomSayer only from Egsa
Editors Pick

For devotees of The Craft, ChatterCaster: Alchameth Scribe provides a tool for documenting ShatterCaster matches.  ChatterCaster is an illustrator for historians, researchers, bloggers and writers who follow and talk about the Craft.  ChatterCaster quickly produces standardized Alchameth Diagrams of the game from SCN or Simple Courlander NotationChatterCaster is provided free online.

ChatterCaster 2012 Edition Screenshot

ChatterCaster 2012
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Latest Version
Size 4,008 kb
MD5 Checksum: 8e93f4a96c9e9b8b3fb4874d4385fe4f

Also available from the following sites:

Free Download - Download Typhoon
ChatterCaster 2012 to download
ChatterCaster 2012 link
on File Fishstick


The ShatterCaster Underground App for Android based cell phones and tablets allows devotees to keep up to date and news and information from the world of ShatterCaster. This app is experimental so please leave feedback to improve this app.

Platform: Android 2.1+
Latest Version Beta


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