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Secret Teachings

Every art or way has its pillars–its aspects which mark one who is ready.  For the novice, learning the nuances of the contest can be daunting.  If you can find it–a special hall of study, a Dark Dojo may be called upon to provide insight.

The Dark Dojo provides short lessons to hone your craft.  Originally broadcast at twenty-three minutes to Midnight (11:37 PM GMT -6:00), the first season of the series focuses on the basics of the craft.

Episode: 0=0
Episode Title:
Yune’s Impasse (Pilot)
Original Air Date:
May 26

When the hour approaches, the Dark Dojo opens to provide a look at the Zeroth Rule. Known to well read Masters as Yune’s Impasse, the Zeroth Rule describes movement after sweeping an opponent from the field.

Dark Dojo The Series

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