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The Hour Is At Hand

As the legend goes, long ago, when Nabta Playa was not yet a distant memory, nomadic traders stumbled on a half buried rough-hewn box.  In the course of time and many hands the contents of the contest within live on!
ShatterCaster: New Kingdom is the original game of strategy and sorcery.  Egsa Press and Egsa Softworks team up for the first time ever to provide a cult sensation that delivers fast, compelling battles between rival factions destined to rule the world.
ShatterCaster Age of the New Kingdom Logo

The Royal Faction CallsJoin the Crimson Faction

A New Age Arises

The underground world of Casting emerges from the shadows with the Age of the New Kingdom. The battle for ascension begins with the proclamation of the New Kingdom–a time after The First Ones, when the craft had expanded from a tiny handful of seekers who stumbled upon the “the path” to the first generation born to the craft.   Together these new masters of strategy and sorcery ShatterCaster Book of Ascension e-Book Coverformed a kingdom of the enlightened. But this era of rule by the enlightened was not meant to last.  The quest for greater power splintered the new masters of the craft into rival factions.

Lovingly restored from the original manuscript, Age of the New Kingdom puts legendary power from the dawn of the craft at your command. As you summon ground forces to your hand, unleash stunning reversals of fortune with your spell casting ShatterCraft that will allow you to dramatically change the course of the battle.
ShatterCaster Plus One (+1)
Who’s Your Plus 1?

The Plus One (+1) System allows you to get started in the world of ShatterCaster with the faction of your choice!  Each Plus One kit gives a single player the standardized components needed to do battle in the original contest of strategy and sorcery*.

Want to build your own set without acquiring a Plus One box set? Acquire your own collection of ShatterCaster artifacts with individual accessories including custom Theatre of Battle accessories and mobile ready e-Book translations of the Book of Ascension!

Buy the Print EditionBuy the ShatterCaster Book of Ascension on Kindle

*A Theatre of Battle accessory is required for play.

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