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Characters – Mr. Turin

Senior agent and a formidable acolyte, Mr. Turin enters the EXU from The Shadowlanders Almanac.

Name: Mr. Turin

Secret Identity: (None Revealed)

Occupation: Shadowlanders Agent

1st appearance:   The Shadowlanders’ Almanac  #1

Nationality / Ethnicity:  American Citizen of African-American Ancestry

Height:  6’1

Weight:  200 lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Gender:  Male


Relatives:  (None Revealed)


Skill and Abilities


Extreme Intellect – Mr. Turin’s intellect is fueled by a nearly indomitable will. His superior mental focus gives him the ability to study and master materials. He has an innate respect for knowledge and historic relics and was drawn to the study of the paranormal even before he learned of his family’s work on the almanac. His service has sharpened his skills in concentration, deception detection, persuasion and reason. To many his intensity and rigid formality can come off as cold, unforgiving, and often inhumane or sometimes even inhuman.


Skilled Combat (Master Swordsman) – Mr. Turin is a highly skilled swordsman, holding the proficiency of Akofo Ankobia among others. He wields an etheric blade that has the earthly form of a kaskara of Sudanese inspired design. Turin’s Sword is a tuned mystical artifact that can operate as a construct of sheer will.

Mr. Turin activates a protection spellSuper Powers:

  • Gifted Mystic – Turin is a gifted mystic with advanced magic using skills, but honing his skills came with a lifetime of practice and discipline. While he is quite powerful, it takes effort for him to use his powers. From his family lineage he is attuned to his preferred weapon; a custom forged etheric blade with a storied past in the pages of the fearsome almanac.
  • Eyeless Sight – An extension of Turin’s intellect is the harnessing of his abilities of perception into supernatural eyeless sight that reaches beyond the material world. This power allows him to use extreme focus to build a representation of the material or ether sphere surrounding him. Eyeless sight is a requirement to draw the etheric blade when it is concealed outside the material realm.
  • Psychic Radio (Faint) – Like most agents of the order, Mr. Turin has been imbued with “psychic radio” allowing the extremely limited reception and transmission of thoughts and sounds (clairaudience) between members of the team in battle. The ability can be used with high levels of effort. Users that are not gifted with psychic radio ability from birth are usually marginal practitioners because of the danger of removing the barriers in the mind enabling the full power of this ability. Mr. Turin is no exception, however his intellect allows him to better manage higher level bursts of the ability than others.

Mr. Turin was born to a renown family with generations of work on the tome known as the Shadowlanders Almanac. While extremely proud of his family name, Turin rarely speaks of his family heritage to avoid any assumption that he has relied on his family name to attain his status. For a time, his family’s work was kept a secret from him in hopes that he would have the ability to chose a different path. and not face the challenge of living up to the family name. He was drawn to the work. Reluctantly he was allowed to pursue joining the order. Living up to his legacy has at times been a challenge, but Turin pushed himself relentlessly.

He is driven by an awareness of the important role written for his bloodline in the almanac and a series of troubling visions revealed to him.



Mr. Turin starts the series with the following series 1 stats:

Mi: 756p [7 | 9 | 12]

Bo: 360p [5 | 8 | 9]

So: 630p [7 | 9| 10]

The Shadowlanders Almanac Issue 1

Series: The Shadowlanders Almanac
Genre: Supernatural/Action
Format: Full Color / 16p.
Run: Issue 1 / Mini-Series
Rating: 16+ (action / mayhem / destruction and intense supernatural themes)
Get It For: $1.99 Digital / $2.99 Print (where available)


What is it about? There is a special group of those who dwell in the shadows of our world. Through the ages a band of men have held the line between this world and the next. They are the chosen of a special order that is entrusted with a fearsome relic. Two have been chosen to carry on the tradition in the modern world. They know the fate of our world depends on the outcome of the struggle between good and evil in THE SHADOWLANDS!


Shadowlander Almanac is available is digital format and limited run collectors editions. Available at select stores including: Drive Thru Comics and Egsa Outfitters.