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ShatterCaster Book of Ascension

Series: ShatterCaster: New Kingdom
Genre: GDG / Pen and Pixel
Format: Digital / Print Paperback/ 22p.
Get It For: $2.95 Digital / $5.95 Print


Shatter every rule with ShatterCaster: The Original Contest of Strategy and Sorcery. As the legend goes, long ago when Nabta Playa was not yet a distant memory, nomadic traders stumbled on a half buried rough-hewn box. Now the contest within lives on with the teachings of the classic Book of Ascension. The Book of Ascension provides the fundamental rules of ShatterCaster!  The short form, 22 page booklet is an essential guide in learning the way and become a battle master.


ShatterCaster Book of Ascension is available is a collectors print edition. Available at select stores including: Amazon and Egsa Outfitters.