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The Prospector

Prospector Guidelines for Writers

The Prospector is the news dispatch of the old code Egsa Outfitters. The Prospector (ISSN 2155-2975) is a last of its kind, limited edition print publication of Egsa Press. Its mission is to inform and help equip gamers exploring the world of videogaming and play. It is currently published bi-monthly and available from the Egsa Outfitters.


For the first time ever, The Prospector is opening its submission process and accepting queries from freelancers. If you’ve ever wanted to see your name in print as gamer or ever wanted to gain experience with a game developer, this is your chance in 8-simple steps!


1. Before Reading Another Word (otherwise known as Step 1)- Please do NOT submit an unsolicited manuscript, idea, element, level maps/designs or concept for consideration for development or publication as a game product or a product upgrade. Please understand that ANY submission becomes the property of Egsa Press, Egsa SoftWorks and Egsa Corp. Submissions should go to: prospector [at] egsa [dot] com. Submission e-mail with attachments or hyperlinks will be deleted without being opened.


2. The Pitch – If you have read and completely understand Step 1 (see above), all writers for The Prospector should start by submitting a query letter to pitch their story idea. For gamers that are aspiring authors, a query letter consists of your name (and brief gaming background if you have never written for The Prospector before), a thumbnail idea for a story (usually 2-3 sentences with less than 90 total words) and approximate word count. An average article is usually between 200-700 words. A 2,000 word, multipart opus would be a hard sell (but surprise us).


3. The Good (The Easiest of the 8 Steps) – The Prospector features content on the worlds of gaming and play created by Egsa Press and Egsa SoftWorks. We look for works that explore the far corners of our games our worlds and our characters. We are always pushing the frontiers of play and gaming fandom and have also featured content on general gaming culture, interviews, local arcades and gaming events, indie music, indie movies, science fiction, horror, anime, comics and cosplay. While we have never published poetry or fiction based on the worlds of Egsa SoftWorks, if you completely understand Step 1 (see above) and have an extremely interesting pitch, remember that the odds are slim but anything is possible!


4. The Bad (The Side Effect of Step 1) – The Prospector does NOT publish content devoted to other organization’s or individual’s protected content such as games, game worlds and game characters, etc. For example we might accept a pitch about finding the perfect arcade in rural America or what made certain arcades great but we would likely not accept a pitch for a story about strategies to be beat Atari’s Centipede in that arcade.


5. The Ugly – The Prospector is a unique publication with a unique voice. Please take a look at an issue The Prospector before pitching an article. Look at the size of the publication and the space within the publication and reflect on Step 2. In addition, please do not send any art, photographs or graphic images until and unless they are requested.


6. Rights (Step 1 and derivatives) – Works accepted for publication are acquired with full and complete rights. This means that we would like to acquire content that is exclusive to Egsa Press, Egsa SoftWorks and Egsa Corp and may be used in limitless ways over all time and space. Where possible we will still give you credit in credits that appear, but we need these rights so that we can continue to expand the frontiers of gaming. For example, an article might not just appear in the print edition of The Prospector today but it might appear on our websites or in future gaming publications or in other formats that we have not yet discovered. For example, we may want to use part of your article to build an NPC’s back story or change a game rule. For example, we may do a re-write of your content without your consent for by order of the ancients. The possibilities are truly endless.


7. The (Sometimes) Multipoint Edit – Occasionally The Prospector team may request an edit (or some times multiple edits) before accepting an article. There may be an important time window by which the edits need to be completed. Remember, you can’t get to Step 8 without passing Step 7


8. A Modest Reward (Our Added 2-Cents) – We know we are asking a lot and that these guidelines are long and boring, so accepted works also receive a one time payment of 0.02 USD (Two Cents) for the first word and 0.01 USD (One Cent) for each additional word on the final accepted work (See Step 7). We will send details about payment details (electronic and hero) on request.