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Warjak: Armor of the Soul Issue 1

Series: Warjak: Armor of the Soul
Genre: Science Fiction/Action
Format: Full Color / 16p.
Run: Issue 1 / Mini-Series
Rating: 16+ (action / mayhem / destruction and dark sci-fi themes)
Get It For: $1.99 Digital / $2.99 Print (where available)


What’s it About? Where do you run in a wired world without borders? Just beyond tomorrow, in America’s third largest city, a chance encounter changes two lives and sets an epic fight for the future in motion!


Warjak is available is digital format and limited run collectors editions. Available at select stores including: Drive Thru Comics and Egsa Outfitters.


Warjak: Armor of the Soul is scored as 16+ Intermediate, and is best for readers 16 and up.