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Loaded! Tales of Endless Night! Issue 1


Series: Loaded! Tales Of Endless Night!
Genre: Fantasy/Action
Format: Full Color / 16p.
Run: Issue 1 / Mini-Series
Rating: 16+ (action / mayhem / destruction and supernatural themes)
Get It For: $1.99 Digital / $2.99 Print (where available)


What’s it all About? One will attempt to destroy the world. One will attempt to save it. The problem is remembering how to know the difference! The twin aspects of luck; fortune and fate were always important and unpredictable for AGAVE, but facing a mysterious twilight realm with no recollection of its past or her own and the attention of a powerful alux, her luck is about to change! Get into the game world of Loaded! with the EXU series based on the game from Egsa SoftWorks that launched the Solstice Event and a new series of indie comics.


Loaded! Tales of Endless Night! is available is digital format and limited run collectors editions. Available at select stores including: Drive Thru Comics and Egsa Outfitters.


Loaded! Tales of Endless Night! is scored as 16+ Intermediate, and is best for readers 16 and up.

Prime Factors Picked Up As Series


Want to know more about the major forces in the EXU? Prime Factors has been picked up as a web series by EgsaTV.  The short format series will highlight heroes and villains making headlines in the pages of the EXU after the Solstice Event.  The series pilot will feature Kichama from the Egsa Press series Loaded! Tales of Endless Night! Grognards and Old Code Gamers will get new episodes of the series in coming weeks.