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Egsa Press is devoted to providing games that go beyond the screen and publications that inspire, inform and empower. The Egsa Press division is responsible for The Prospector: The Official News Dispatch of the Olde Code Egsa Outfitters (ISSN 2155-2975), Egsa Anthem and The Armchair Historian’s Guide – which will include the first ever print edition of the Articles of Play. Egsa Press titles go beyond the game with exciting comic series like “Loaded! Tales of Endless Night!” (UPC 662425077366), “Warjak: Armor of the Soul” (UPC 662425077373) and “The ShadowLanders Almanac” (UPC 662425077380).



ShatterCaster – Know – Unlock the Knowledge

Egsa Press game offerings include the GDG – ShatterCaster: New Kingdom.