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The last gamers of the old code are back in the game!

Now you can take part in the new legacy of gaming and gaming's greatest new adventures with Egsa Press.

Introducing ShatterCaster: New Kingdom, the original game of Strategy and Sorcery. More>>

Gamings Greatest Adventure

For nearly ten years the last gamers of the old code all but vanished. Now the they are back-- Find out More >>

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Enter the Fight for the Future Contest and win great new gear from Egsa SoftWorks.

The Egsa Outfitters Store

Inspired by the bold new world of ShatterCaster comes the first anthology of short stories. More>>

The Armchair Historian’s Guide is your pocket manifesto for observing, chronicling and even making the digital record books of achievement
in indie video game play.

The Armchair Historian's Guide:
2015 Edition

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The Core

Inside The Core - The SoftWorks News Center:

07/13/2015 New World Record Set
11/01/2014 An All Hallows Eve Event! Agave Loaded Launch Date
10/31/2014 An All Hallows Eve Event! Arra Returns in Mysteries of the Wicked
10/10/2014 Gear up with Gamers Coin

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The Tower

The Tower - Media Feeds and Press:

01/27/2018 Egsa Cosplay360 2018 Contest Rules
01/27/2018 Egsa SoftWorks Fight for the Future 2018 Contest Rules
05/06/2017 Egsa SoftWorks Fight for the Future 2017 Contest Rules

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Egsa Image Bank

Images Bank Updates For Fans:

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